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Foreign Volunteers Japan – Take Part in Rebuilding an Island Community

Take Part in Rebuilding an Island Community

Habitat for Humanity Japan has begun open recruiting of volunteers for their next Fishing Community Community/Work space project on Izushima. Building will take place in two sessions 1) Dec 7th to Dec 9th and 2) December 10th to 12th. Participating for the entire build is also an option. There is a participation fee to cover food/lodging/ferry/gas/etc, but it’s a great experience, and a good chance to learn about life on a hard-hit fishery-focused island from the locals directly. The facility will be built all by hand, with the help of locals, volunteers, and a professional to oversee the process.

Recruiting page in English:

Recruiting page in Japanese:


For more details on the building process, please visit the links above, or also visit the home page of project partner, the Kasetsumura Project ( http://www.kasetsumura.com/ )


  1. rajib says:

    i agree to voulenteer job

  2. jaikie hindman says:

    het my name is jake im australian i would love to help can u email any projects that are happening this year thank u

  3. Connor Wilson says:

    Hi my name is Connor Wilson. I’m a high school student in Lake Oswego, Oregon, (U.S.). I might be taking a trip to Japan this summer around the week of the fourth of July and I would love to here about any opportunities your organization might have available around that time. So please send me an email whenever.

  4. Janette Sarah Harriman says:

    Hello 🙂 I will be backpacking around Japan from November-December & would love to help with the project. Please e-mail me the details & the costs. I am from Durham, England.

    Thank you

  5. Keith Dixon says:

    Please send me details regarding volunteering as the recruitment links are dead.
    Thanks in advance,

  6. Patricia Pete says:

    I am very interested in volunteer opportunities in Japan. Any and all information as far as projects and organizations go would be deeply appreciated! Thank you!

  7. Aron Polakov says:

    Hello, I am currently doing the Duke of Edinbourgh gold award scheme and I would love to complete my residential section in Japan. If you still have available volenteer work then please e-mail me the details.
    Thank you.

  8. håvard sandal says:

    Hello, i am from norway, travelling in japan right now with rail pass. is there anything i can do before i leave (22th of november)? i know it’s short notice, but please e-mail me. i’m up for anything, hard working…

  9. Halloo..my name is Adson from Tanzania Africa.i am 24 years old.and i would like to be a Volunteering in your company or projects there in Japan.i can speak English,Germany language,Swahili and litle bit portuguise and Japany.i like to volunteer for long term one year.the aim is to learn language and culture of Japanese also to learn different kind of work in Japany.hope you will be select me in this December 2013.thanks very much.Adson

  10. Franklin T says:

    Please send me details regarding volunteering as the recruitment i will like to work as a volunteer in JAPAN

  11. アシシュ says:

    日本でボランティアとしてかわいそうな人達のお世話したいチャンスがございましたら 是非お世話します

  12. Felpipe says:

    Hi there, I’m Felipe from Chile, I’d like to help you in this beautiful cause, let me know if you need volunteers about July.

    Best regards,


  13. Harry says:


    Please let me know if you need any volunteers for June/July.

    My wife and I would like to take some time off work and volunteer for Tohoku.

    We speak Japanese as well as English.


  14. Isaac Bernauer says:


    Im currently living in Osaka, working as a performer at Universal Studios. I have two regular days off a week and would love to volunteer my time in any way possible

    Thank you.

  15. Chris Torres says:

    I will be in Japan on August 8th. I would like to volunteer my services to help rebuild a community. I would even be more than willing to work in Fukushima if possible!

    Chris J Torres

  16. Pedro Boudreau says:

    I would like to volunteer. Please send me information regarding where I can help. I have some building experience. I am available from 20th of August until the 25th. Please let me know if I can do anything.

  17. Jordan Richardson says:

    I am currently living in Japan and would like to know if it is still possible to particate in this project?

    Thank you.

  18. Michael says:

    Hi my name is Michael and I will be in japan sometime around mid 2015, are there still any follow up/ reconstruction projects needing volunteers? Thank you

  19. Luke says:

    Your links don’t work anymore.

    If you have any information for applications in English, please send them to me. Thanks in advance.

  20. fadil says:

    I’m from Indonesia, i want to participate for any programs as a volunteer please contact me

  21. hanif abdurrahman says:

    Dear crew member, im very pleased to join your project as a student volunteer.. would you please contact me if there is still possibility to participate in this project? Thanks..

  22. New says:

    HI I’m from Thailand.
    I am a student in university in right now.
    When i’m graduate here will to go the future.
    I would like try about volunteer in japan.
    I love do it!