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Rebuilding Local Businesses – Kotobukiya

Mr and Mrs Sato at the renovated Kotobukiya Sake Shop, Ishinomaki City

This article is much belated, but I wanted look back on some of the local businesses that we’ve helped rebuild alongside the It’s Not Just Mud and On the Road NPOs. The following photo is one I took on March 22nd, during the third FVJ delivery of goods to Ishinomaki. […]

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Ishinomaki Case Study: Recovery of Maruka Pro Fish Shop

Maruka Pro Shop

Although this article is a little different than what we usually post on FVJ, I thought it might be interesting to look at the current state of businesses around Tohoku, and discuss the steps they are taking in order to re-open.   In the case of the downtown of Ishinomaki, […]

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